Learning Lithuanian: some useful tools.

Over the last four years I have been exploring this wonderful and ancient language. Two of these were spent in Lithuania, mostly in remote villages. It was important to understand and speak the basics.

Although there are a number of good computer-based courses available today for learning Lithuanian, my favorite still remains the classic textbook, Beginner's Lithuanian. We have made recordings to go along with the lessons. You can find more about both the book and the recordings here.

Sometimes you just need a small, concise dictionary. With generous help from my Lithuanian friends I have compiled one (self-extracting executable). Get it here. It's free.

There is a more comprehensive version as well, containing a little over 36,000 words, in the same simple format. This is available for direct download. The price is $10.00 through PayPal.

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And, back by popular demand, the prototype Flash talking head. Great for kids of all ages. Maybe I should become less 'serious' and do more Flash?  -  Gerai!