I like to travel, and I always have some sort of camera along.

The real adventure is not the trip itself, it is the people you meet, the life they sometimes offer to share with you.

My style of travelling might be somewhat unconventional. I seldom plan, but go on intuition, and follow hints and hunches along the way.

In this logbook I have begun to record some of the stories, along with pictures. There are just a few at the moment, but more will come as time permits.

Please have a look here.


Your most important asset in a faraway place is the language.

I spent most of the last two years living in remote Lithuanian villages. Knowing the language was neccessary.

Here you can find a good way to learn it too.

Or if you want a sneak preview, check out our Flash-based Lithuanian for Kids prototype.

Multimedia and virtual reality is a favorite hobby of mine. If you would like to go for a virtual visit to lovely Pauliai in southeastern Lithuania, or see my home town, Volda in the wild Norwegian northwest, you can do so here.

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