Skagen: 29. februar 2008.
Mikaelskapellet: lokalisering

Lithuanian language, Travel, Multimedia experiments.
Learn the oldest living indoeuropean language, go for a virtual visit.

Aerial Photography: Northwestern Norway
Our online archives take you on a panoramic flight over the fjords and mountains.

The Winding Road to Web3D
-some notes on learning an evasive technology-

The Vardonian Chronicles
-dispatches from a small town in arctic Norway-

Virtual Sandbox
-Testing virtual reality, Web3D, X3D, h-Anim, avatars and other technotrash-

Super Cool Arctic Kids
Living in Kiberg, Finnmark, NorthEastern Norway, by the Icy Seas

Master Dang's Universal Energy cults: SHY, MEL, HUE, HUESA.
Some links and discussions on a controversial movement.